V5 Data Dashboard

A chatbot program can generate tremendous value at scale for your users, the V5 dashboard enables the crucial other half of your chatbot program:

1) Monitor and evaluate the health of your chatbot program, for iteration towards improved user experience. 

2) Easily download user information for your field engagement.

HSM bulk uploads

Bulk upload template allows upload of multiple template messages quickly and efficiently. This can save time and effort compared to manually applying each template one by one. A csv file with template details from the sample sheet is created and then uploaded from the Glific screen.

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Glific - At the Forefront



Social Entrepreneurship Summit -  Impulse'2023

Organised by Center For Social And Responsible Business at Hyderabad We were excited to meet many of our partners and started conversations on how the Glific WhatsApp Chatbot can help NGOs take their programs to scale. Looking forward to future collaborations with more non-profits.

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How did Glific solve for personalised crop advisories to 3000+ chilli farmers?

Erica Arya, India Head for Project Tech4Dev, spoke about how innovationscan humanise technology and cut the barriers of literacy, at the National Workshop Digital Innovations for Chilli farmers, held in Guntur recently, by Digital Green

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Project Tech4Dev 

Contributing to building the community at the Dasra Philanthropy Week'2023.


New Glific Team Members


Mohd Shamoon (Software Developer)
is the person on the team that is curious and will always check on what's new and happening out there in the tech world. He likes to solve problems in the world through the use of technology in the best way possible.  Loves running, cooking and watching Anime.


Rohit Chatterjee (Director of Engineering) is interested in how to solve societal problems; Is a fan of free market economics but understands its limitations. Rohit spends most of his YouTube time these days on History, Economics, and futurism channels.


Akhilesh Negi (Software Developer) believes that technology can enable social sector organizations to streamline their operations and improve their efficiency. Loves to
1. Watch Movies and Anime
2. Workout
3. Read books
4. Do Origami.